Max & Peach are Maxwell Finch and Claudia Smith. 

We are both passionately obsessed photographers with a background across fine art, editorial, and portrait photography. 

Our approach to photographing weddings is influenced naturally by our personal work. We put the same creative energy into your photos as we do for our personal projects. 

We aim to capture the honest and beautiful moments that fleet by for a second. We subtly direct and dance around your guests to work with the light and shadows on the day. We probably won't set up a structured photo in height order with Colgate smiles, but we know when to ask Grandpa to shuffle a few feet to the left if we need to.

We look for the frames that go unnoticed, the tears and glances that happen throughout your day.  We treat each photo as a piece of art that builds a collection of memories for you.

It is important for us to help minimise any stress from your day and we work with you leading up to your wedding to ensure our involvement in your day is as much of a breeze as it should be. 

Max & Peach are based in Byron Bay, Australia. We love to travel and will happily chat if you're based anywhere from our paradise home to the fjords of Iceland. 

Available for weddings and all celebrations of love, editorial and styled events.

We support loving marriages between all sexes and faiths and would love to capture your celebration.

Maxwell & Claudia.